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Campaigning Help?

I’m working on a Civics project. It involves a mock United States Presidential Election. Basically, there are three parties, 2 major parties (with 8 members in each), and one third party (with only 4 group members). I chose the third party, because I felt like I could rely on the people I know and trust, rather than a third of the class. Well, that didn’t turn out too well. Myself and one other member are basically doing everything, which is the workload meant for 8 people. Great, isn’t it? We have our president’s view points, and some ideas. But this is where I need your help. Our “voters” are the 1960’s elective class down the hall, and we wanted to take a retro perspective of this to impress them. Our president’s name is Michael. We took Eisenhower’s “I Like Ike” buttons, and turned it into “I like Mike”, with the M kind of sharpied in, to look like we intentionally took the Ike idea. (Which we did). I need more suggestions of other ideas we can use for posters and such.

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The point of mudslinging IS to be nasty and personal!

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Larry R
Corruption is always a good bit of mud to sling.

Odds are Hannah probably is getting some outside advice or help from her parents. See if you can get her to admit that her Mom and/or Dad helped her in some way… then blow it all out of proportion. Make accusations about Hannah’s group, claim that they are getting outside help, that this constitutes cheating, say that Hannah’s parents are doing all the work, say that if she cheats on the election she will cheat in the government. etc. etc. etc.

The elections of the 60s were

1960 JFK vrs Nixon.

1964 LBJ vrs Goldwater

1968 Nixon vrs Humphery, with Wallace as a 3rd Party.

Take a strong stand against Communisim in your campaign, (easy to do since the only Communists left in the world these days are in North Korea, Berkley, and some of the Ivy Leage Facutly Clubs). Take a strong stand in favor of Civil Rights (that was a big 60s issue). Take a stand in favor of Nuclear Disarmament.

Now if you just want to have silly fun take a leaf out of LBJ’s play book. He ran what is considered the dirtiest ad in Campaign History in 1964, the Daisy Ad.



If you boil it down, Johnson was saying “If you elect Goldwater, he will start World War 3, and the Russians will nuke your children and they will FRY because you stayed home on Election Day!!!” So you can always accuse Hannah of being to radical and say that she will start a war… who with I don’t know…use your imgaination.

Hey, don’t laugh, when I was in High School we went to Model UN and started WW3 one year….