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Ca anyone tell where to look? About “Euglenoza” and it’s life cycle?

Please help me! It’s my report and I’m very lost right now…


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Euglena is what you are looking for and the PHYLUM name is Euglenozoa…I love geology is part of prehistoric history…..anyway try WIKIPEDIA for everything you will be able to find what you are looking for.

Good-Luck and let me knwo how you do on your report!


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goldie B

in that fifth chapter.

gud luck

you will get this:

The life cycles of Euglenozoons varies according to group; the life cycle of a parasitic kineotplastid, for example, is not the same as that of a euglenoid. A kinetoplastid member of Euglenozoa, such as trypanosoma brucei which causes African sleeping sickness, is transmitted from host to host by a vector, most commonly the tsetse fly. After being ingested by the tsetse fly during a blood meal, trypanosoma brucei takes on the procyclic trimastigote form in the vector’s midgut. There is some debate about the method used by the parasite to move from the midgut to the fly vector’s salivary gland; (see Tulane University’s Medical Protozoology site for theories) once the move has been made trypanosoma brucei morphs into its epimastigote form and attach using its flagella to epithelial cells. After morphing into the metacyclic trimastigote form, the mitochondria loses the cristae and trypanosoma brucei is free to move about the salivary gland, waiting for the vector to feed again so that the parasite may be delivered to the next host.

The euglenoids live very differently, with life cycles closely related to those of green algae. Euglenoids, however, share reproductive habits with their kinetoplastid relations by reproducing mainly by asexual binary fission. Euglenoids reproduce very rapidly, absorbing their flagellum and dividing haploid cells through mitosis. Mitosis produces 4-8 flagellated haploid cells, called zoospores. The zoospores then break out of the parent cell and grow to full size.


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Go to ask.com You can find anything there!! Good Luck and Good Question!!!! PS – Goldie B had a great answer!