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Basic Chemistry test review help.?

Using the following balanced reaction

2 Na + S = Na2S

How many moles of Na would be needed to produce 2 moles of Na2S?

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Because you need 2 mols of Na to produce 1 mol of Na2s you would need 4 mols of Na to produce 2 mol of Na2s. They remain proportional.

2 Na + S = Na2S

2(2 Na + S) = 2 (Na2S)

4Na + 2S = 2 (Na2S)


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The equation you are given yields one mole of Na2S. Simply double the ratios to end up with 2 moles of Na2S:

2Na (x2) + S (x2) –> Na2S (x2)

You now have: 4Na + 2S –> 2Na2S

Therefore, your answer would be 4 moles of sodium (Na).


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