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What is the best Loan to get to cover Cost-of-Living Expenses while attending a Police Academy?

I am a returning combat veteran in a couple months who plans on attending a police academy in Southern California. The one I plan to attend already has a scholarship that covers all fees required for the Academy that is for Combat Vets, so I have to come up with the money for my Cost-Of-Living Expenses. I already applied for Grants and such, but don’t qualify. My GI Bill is only so much a month, and I got total living expenses including a wife and a newborn to raise during the 6 months of the academy. Anyone know what is the best deal or place to look for a loan? Thanks.

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Unless the school is a participant in the Federal Student Loan Program, you can not obtain Stafford, Perkins loans. Check with your school to see if they participate. If so, you can start with your FAFSA and work with your FAO.

If not, you can attempt to obtain a unsecured loan from your bank, but unless you are working or have some income it will be tough. Even with good credit, it would be a risk for the bank.

Is it possible to work a part-time job during your program?


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