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What is life like for an exchange student in Korea or China?

I was born in America, and am still living here. I’m just a high school student, so it’ll still be years until I get to study abroad. But still, I’m very curious!

I’ve been studying Chinese in school and Korean by myself. my parents want me to study abroad in another country when I grow older. I’m ethnically Chinese. Just thought I should point that out. Do Chinese Americans face any type of prejudice in China or Korea? How are we treated there?

Just in general. How is life there?

Ahahaa, thanks in advance! =D

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To tell you from experiance, just being from America, you can either be percieved as a “whitewashed” foreigner, or it can strike as a wonderful, enjoyable conversation starter. There are so many people, it kinda depends on where you’ll be.

In China, relatively calm still, you’re Chinese! ๐Ÿ™‚ So what, you can speak some, fine ๐Ÿ˜€ plus you know English! Teach me, teach me! Friends, yeah? XD

In Korea, same, they think of America as exciting.

Depends on how you present yourself. Be respectful of the etiquitte, common superstitions (i.e. the number four), etc. You treat them nicely, in general, they’ll be equally, if not more friendly and hospitable for your stay in their home.

Just make sure you don’t lie about yourself, “face” is a common thing in both countries.


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yun xiao
well, in general all the korean and chinese ones are characterized by having a very amiable character!!

inspecial when they see an west one!!

so, dont worry!!

hey i am very glad to find you, because i am learning zhong wen ang hangug too!! =)

what you wanna study there??

you can write me at [email protected]