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I’m 21, left school after 9th grade due too I had a child..don’t want GED, is it possible to homeschool now…

for 10th-12th grade..or even all of highschool..if so how etc etc..are there any websites that could help me as well..thank you….

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Ms. Phyllis

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You are to be commended for wanting to complete your education. Obtaining your high school diploma will make it possible for you and your child to have a better future.

You cannot homeschool in the traditional sense, because most homeschool programs are set up for those 18 years of age and under. However, you can obtain your high school diploma via a correspondence program. The links to two of these programs (Penn Foster and James Madison High School) are below:



Also, if you are interested in brushing up on your English, Math, or other skillls, there is a website called Free-ed.net. There is a college prep/GED course on the site at no cost to you. You can’t obtain a diploma via the site, but you can obtain knowledge. The link is below:


I would encourage you to get your high school diploma. I have a sister who was very ill throughout her elementary and high school years. It was very hard for her to obtain her high school diploma, but she was adamant about doing so. She had dropped out of high school, but she later attended adult education classes and received her high school diploma at the age of 25. With the internet and technology, there is so much more available now than it was to her almost 30 years ago.

I wish you well and hope you can find a high school program that will work for you.


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1st of all, did you know that you can go to a junior college without a high school diploma? In fact, when I lived in Oregon, I found out that those class credits could count as both high school credit and college credit at the same time. Also, if you have an associates degree, you can go into a 4 year universtiy without worrying about the missing high school diploma. Maybe not ivy league, lol, but there are plenty of people who have diploma’s etc, who can’t get into one of those universities. Also, in my exprience, filling out the FASFA covered all of my expenses in a junior college without taking any loans, just the grants. So I was able to take a few classes at a time, buy all my books and supplies, without any out of pocket expenses, well, except for gas.

It would be a lot easier to school from home, and there is a way to do junior college correspondance work, you would just have to look into it. You should be able to go to your nearest jc and talk to one of their career counselors people, and get some good answers that way. I checked into getting a degree from some of these colleges online, and then I checked into what the local universities would say about those credits… They weren’t too sure about how many would be accepted if I then wanted to enroll there.

As far as homeschool. I don’t know, that is a good question! In fact, due to the fact that the GED doesn’t seem to get very much respect anymore, some of these online homeschool academies should take a good look into offering it! Try searching the web for “homeschool academy”, or something similar. There are many out there, some of them not too expensive… Find a couple you think you would be comfortable with, and call them. It won’t take long to get an answer straight from the source, if you know what I mean.

Good luck!



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You wouldn’t qualify as a homeschooler (that is, a student supervised by a parent monitoring and implementing an education program), but you can definitely get a high school diploma through a correspondence program. Check into Penn Foster, American School of Correspondence; there are probably others, but those are the two I can think of that have things available for adults.

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I’d go for the correspondence. You can’ homeschool like a traditional kid b/c the school is not obligated to even acknowledge your existence.

You don’t have to drop out just b/c you have a child. Not a criticism, just a fact. It’s hard, but teen moms can still graduate. I did, and so did my sister (and she had two). After you get the HS diploma, you CAN go to college, and then to graduate school (like me).

Try enrolling in a free GED class- JUST TO LEARN, then do the correspondence stuff to get the diploma.


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Janis B
You can also learn for the sake of learning. The internet has so much to offer with explanations and interactives. Consider this your first step. Improve your education for free by reading and studying.

Pass your GED and community college placement test. Enroll in online college class to continue your education.

I know you said you did not want a GED, but I am looking at the GED as part of the second step of your continued educational process. The third step would be distance learning college classes.


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What country do you live in? the education system is different depending on your country. Are you thinking of going to college? If so, not all college courses require you to have a highschool diploma. It depends on what you want to do career-wise really.

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There are home correspondence schools. I went through Thompson High school out of Scranton PA for my High School diploma. They will send you all the books and tests. You should check it out.