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Please Help!!!!!?

Can someone suggest some TV shows, movies, or books that portray an adult homeschooling a child or children.

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Lesley W

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I haven’t seen any of these, but try the Internet Movie Database movies with “home schooling” as a tag:


Lots of books; here are 7 i fround using the Novelist fiction search tool:

1. Gantos, Jack

What would Joey do? (2002)

2. Koja, Kathe

Going under (2006)

3. Morgan, Nicola

Chicken friend (2005)

4. Regan, Dian Curtis

Monster of the Month Club (1994)

5. Spinelli, Jerry

Love, Stargirl (2007)

6. Tolan, Stephanie S.

Surviving the Applewhites (2002)

What age group do you want the books for? Try searching amazon.com for “homeschooling”; then click on the subcategories for children’s books geared towards different ages:


Finally, try Jon’s Homeschooling Resource page, http://www.midnightbeach.com/hs/toc.html the most comprehensive list of homeschooling links on the web.

Lesley the Librarian


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Sweet Web
http://www.home-school.com/ this a magazine. Maybe it will help.