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Okay last question I promise..?

I know yall are getting tired of answering these questions.Our school requires our parents to re-enroll us each year meaning that we dont withdraw from school,we just dont sign up.So with that being said,wouldnt I only have to send the letter since right now i am not enrolled in school? Even though my school has my records and everything,they still make us re-register each year and we have to bring in our birth certificates each year and everything like that meaning that even though they have my records,they have no clue if im attending the next year.Maybe my mom should still call and tell them though.Oh yeah and 1 more thing,I want to thank everyone for answering my questions because now i understand exactly what to do and where to get my work.THANKS EVERYONE!..oh yeah and the people saying louisiana has requirements,I know that but its only to attend 180 days of school and to keep up with the state curriculum & maybe a few more things.I read the whole page

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I don’t think you have to do anything – just follow whatever the State requires – nothing with the local school, school board or district (unless that’s what’ required ;)) . I wouldn’t even call if I was your Mom – if they have an issue/question they’ll call you then she can inform them of your choice and provide paperwork if necessary – copies of everything! One she sends (return receipt requested and ask for a copy to be sent back marked received!), one to keep and one for anyone who “needs” one!

How exciting for you!


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There is no such thing as Last Question (wink).

I am glad that everything is coming together for you.

The purpose behind makeing you RE-register is so that they keep track of you properly(current grade,age,address)–I know it seems like a pain but hey that our local geverment at work. But really, it does help them keep track and assures THEM that you are getting your education, not bouncing from Homeschool to Public to Private and back to Homeschool. It also helps them make sure that it is YOU and NOT your next door neighbor or Jane Black using your ID (identity theft is a big problem these days).

It’s a minor thing and takes a whole 5 minutes out of your day to do once a year. Be happy it’s not every month.

As for the posting that they need to your info to get credit for the school —-HOGWASH—schools DON”T get credit for Homeschoolers UNLESS they are in the Virtual Program or in an Umbrella School (it’s one of the reasons the public school system tries to keep parents from homeschooling their kids. They lose funding.)

Have fun


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I would assume that you would have to register or enroll each year of homeschooling. Please don’t make it the last question. I am sure you can think of more as you go along with your homeschooling and we would be glad to help you if we can. I also hope you have found or will find a homeschool group in your area to share experiences with. It’s also informative to keep reading this board because you can hear about others concerns and experiences and maybe you can even help other newcomers. You maybe at home but you’re not alone.

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Janis B
Now that everything is settled, I would suggest one more thing. Go to Yahoo groups and find an on line support group in your area.

Search the groups area with your county name or city name. If you don’t find anything there, search using your state name.

I am a member of several and they are always making announcements of activities, opportunities and offering advice. They also give web sites for interesting reading and free on line things for the kids.

Home school changed our family for the better.


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Thrice Blessed
I am glad you finally figured this out. You probably don’t need to withdraw. If your mom is running your homeschool as a private school (option 2 in Louisiana) then you have very little you have to do. If she is running it as a state approved homeschool, don’t forget the yearly testing and re-application process! Good luck!

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Again, according to the HSLDA website, if you are following option 1:

File an application and a copy of the child’s birth certificate, with board of education, within 15 days after start of home school. Renew annually thereafter.

This means you need to file the application within 15 days of starting homeschooling. So, even if school is out for summer, if you start homeschooling now, you have just over two weeks to let the board of education know about it. Then you need to re-file every 12 months.

If you are following option 2:

Submit notification to the state department of education within the first 30 days of the school year. According to their “legal analysis”, if using option 2 AND you were enrolled in public school during the previous year, you need to notify the LOCAL school within 10 days of starting homeschooling. This notification must include:

student’s legal name

date of birth

gender and


This means you need to send a notice to the state dept. of education within 30 days after your local school district starts classes (i.e. if the local school starts on Aug. 27th, you have until Sept. 26th to submit your notice to the DoE). You also have to notify the LOCAL school within 10 days after starting homeschooling (under option 2).

On a personal note, I’d follow option 2.


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you will have to take you birth.cert. and reregister. This is how they keep track of their censes in school and the state uses it to determine how much the school is allowed.