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Need more help with World History Homework Please..?

1) While nominally democratic, until the 1980s, South Korea was essentially ruled by a: a-military dictatorship b-king c-communist dictatorship d-chinese-run puppet regime

2) All of the following factors have contributed to famine in Africa EXCEPT: a-an overdependence on cash crops b-an overabundance of capital c-soaring population growth d-the transformation of fertile land into dessert

3) As a consequence of reunification, Germany experienced a:

a-decreased in the level of unemployment b-decrease in the incidence of Neo-Nazi violence c-decrease in immigration from eastern europe d-increase in taxation to pay for economic restructuring

4) The permanent members of the U.N. security council include all of the following EXCEPT:

a-china b-france c-the soviet union d-germany

5) Desalination could help Israel, Jordan, and Syria solve there problems with: a-territorial disputes b-urban overcrowding c-underemployment d-water shortages

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1. C


3. D


5. A