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Is this a wise choice?

Im currently writting a short story and was wondering if this would be wise. (GCSE Cousrework)

I am currently the narrator saying “he” did this “this” is like this. Etc. I do not say who “he” is and what he is doing.

I was wondering if i could continue like this for say 450 words and then change to “I” approached him and recognised who it was whom i had been watching. Etc at the end of the short story to make a sort of twist.

Sorry about al of the “I”‘s and “He”‘s. I wasn’t sure which person they were.

Thankyou so much in advanced anyone that comments anything at all! Even if its a rubbish attempt!!

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Sounds OK to me, but at the end be careful with the `I ` bit, because if you`ve been watching him then why wouldn`t you recognise him straight away….unless it was dark or you had been watching from a distance…or both.

What about changing it to `her` and `she` turns out to be a wife?


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I think it is a really neat idea. It sounds like you are the narrator, and that into the story the narrator also becomes an active character.

If I understand what you have written so far… there are a couple of good reasons why “you” wouldn’t recognize “him” at first.

I think you can do it…. and it is a creative idea.


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I see so much homework merely pasted on here not to appreciate someones sincere effort. So, let’s dump the “rubbish” shall we?

One possibility to have a little joke with your reader by saying that “the object of your curiosity is something that you are reluctant to reveal – especially to strangers – so let’s call/him/her/it “Cypher.”

Good luck with it!