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Homeschool Diploma?

I’m homeschooled, and I have other homeschooled friends who’ve graduated and their parents made their diploma for them somehow..any homeschooling experts out there know how to make a legitimate diploma?

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If you are a homeschool student that has met all the requirements your parents set for you, then any diploma they create for you will be legitimate.

Microsoft has document generators that can create a nice diploma.

Or you can go to a school supply store to find a pre-made one that they can fill in for you.

I’m sure there is probably a free thing on the internet somewhere too.

But I answered because of the “legitimate” remark.

Your education is legitimate. Any documentation your parents choose to create on your behalf to celebrate your achievement is legitimate.

It is not your diploma that you will wag around with you to prove your education, that would be college entrance exam test scores, transcripts, things like that.

A diploma is more about celebrating an achievement.

And it is legitimate.


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Okay, if you live in a state where there are no stipulations on who can issue a diploma, then a parent issued diploma is legitimate.

I think the real question you are asking is how to get an accreditted diploma. Thats easy and I’ll tell you in a minute. First, I want to tell you that you don’t really need one! If your parents have kept good records and either have a nice transcript made for you or make a nice one themselves, all you have to do is take the SAT to get into college. If you don’t go to college then a GED will work as well as any diploma anyway. A few colleges will ask you for a GED if you don’t have a accreditted diploma, but most will not if you score well on the SATs and present a well organized transcript that meets their requirements (4 credits math, 4 credits English, etc.) Some will also ask for work samples from a homeschooled student.

For assistance with a transcript go to http://www.thehomescholar.com

Now if you really want that accredited diploma, go to http://www.edanywhere.com











and enrol in their distance learning courses. Many will even accept you as late as your senior year and will take all your parent issued credits as transfer credits. That way you get the accredidation without even doing the whole thing through them.

http://www.abeka.com has one of the most well respected college prep programs of any school, public or private, distance or traditional, they are also expensive.


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Homeschooling is a legal and legitimate schooling option. Do no follow the advice of those on here telling you to take the GED. They obviously do not have any experience with the homeschooling laws and policies and are making wild guesses. Typically you will need to submit a high school transcript and SAT or ACT scores. Even if you unschool, you can still track what you have learned and submit it in transcript form. Some colleges will ask to see a portfolio of your work or ask you to take an additional test (IE the COMPASS or SAT II tests etc). Your best bet is to check the admissions section on the websites of the colleges you are interested in.

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Any diploma your parents issue will be legitimate. There is no special trick. There are places where you can have them created online, or you can go to an awards and diplomas store and have one made. Or, you (your parents, actually) can print one on the computer.

A diploma itself is actually pretty useless-it is basically nothing more than a decoration to put on the wall. The transcript is what matters.


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A diploma is just a fancy piece of paper to hang on the wall. Transcripts are what you will need to get into college. If you want the fancy paper, have them make one up on the computer.

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A home school diploma just states that you have completed high school, your parents can make one in word or use a template, or you could have fun and design yourself a fancy one.

This site details how to make sure the diploma is legal (as in you meet the requirements for a diploma) http://www.home-schooling-and-homeschool.info/Legal_Homeschool_Diploma.html

For college or work they are going to want to see a Transcript of your ‘courses’ to prove you have graduated ‘high school’.

Diploma templates:






Template for a high school transcript http://www.donnayoung.org/forms/planners/transcript.htm

Other useful links:







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A Diploma carries the weight of the institution and it’s accreditation status.

My Army time can get me a BA from Jefferson Davis College if I just take ONE course. It depends on who respects that college’s name!


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parents “made” their diploma??? i didn’t know that could happen… my high school diploma is from PCC–Pensacola Christian College. the last 2 years of my homeschooling i was accredited and i got the high school diploma ๐Ÿ™‚

i’m sure if you stick to an academy (mine was A Beka Academy) and you score well and yearly complete the number of credits the College wants you to complete and within the stated time frame, you’ll get your high school diploma too ๐Ÿ˜€ you just got to confirm with your current provider…