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Has anyone homeschooled thru {Commonwealth}Connections academy? I enrolled my girls and i wonder how it is?

Just enrolled in the online homeschool program. It is state funded so it is free Im not a teacher but we have a really messed up public school where we live at so i decided i will homeschool or try at least . I was wondering if there is any parents out there who have used this CONNECTIONS ACADEMY. It really seems great but there is alwasy perks. Just a concerned parent. Any comments would help.Thanks


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I actually was home schooled this last year with Connections Academy. Granted I am in the Oregon one, they should be all pretty similar. I was in the 9th grade and I really enjoyed it. The classes were fun and incredibly flexible I could finish classes up until 8 ‘o clock at night if a had stuff going on during the day. Teachers are there to answer questions if you have them but it is pretty easy to understand. You learn by reading a few pages, usually doing an activity and then answering questions. The only slight problem I would say is that it is kind of easy to just to not do work, since they don’t really pressure us because they assume that the position of you. Just keep an eye on the progress they are making and it should be fine. They always had fun field trips being planned and opportunities to interact with other students, I actually regret not doing more.

I hope you enjoy Connections as much as I did!