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I want to be a teacher!! Any advice?

So I have always Been a teachers pet 🙂 I have loved the classroom setting and I would always pretend @ home and organize folders and do things I thought good teachers would do. I have always heard from the teachers that I would befriend that It takes up a lot of time and u certainly DO NOT get rewarded for the time u invest with your paycheck. THAT is no news to me. I love school and up until I got married and pregnant I was still going to college. I had to move overseas with my husband who is in the military and became aware of a spouses to teachers program they have here. I decided That I would rather do something I love doing than something else just for the money. Please NO negatvies when answering.

I just wondered the following:

*How did/ do u decide WHAT u r goin to teach as in grade wise?

*How long Did it take u, INcluding college to get your Teach. Degree?

*Has anyone heard, know or gone through the spouses to teachers program?

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Go for it!! You will love it. I teach third grade and I chose younger children because I feel I connect with them better. age range is something you have to think about. If you like helping them and keeping up with small children through age 10 then think elementary. If you don’t think you want to keep up with all the notes and homework going home and parent contact then I suggest go older. older kids mean a more specialized instruction for example you will most likely teach one subject. Elementary teachers frequently teach all subjects. It took me 4 years to complete my BA in Elementary ED. and I have a masters in teaching Gifted. There are also many Career switching programs if you have already earned your BA in something else. Good luck we are desperate for good teachers let us know what you have decided!

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I am a teacher. I am fortunate enought to be able to teach my passion…it is technology based, which is what i went to college for and actually worked in the industry for 10 years. It only took me a couple of years to get the education courses i needed to teach high school, which is where my field really focuses.

True, the pay is not the best, but the benefits are…I wouldnt trade it for a 3 digit income. Follow your dreams and passions and you will make a differance is some young persons life. Good Luck