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Go for Happiness, or Conveniece?

I really don’t like the college I’m going to at the moment. Being cheap and close to home was why I chose it. After thinking about it I eventually want to go to med school. But I hate the undergraduate program I’m currently in. Becuase this college is in my city my parents have logic forced me to live at home even if I’m 20. They still treat me like a tween and I’m super bored with it all. This is convience, should I stay here or choose the risky happiness?

There is a school in another city that offers a program I would luv doing, and would be able to transfer most if not all my credits towards it.I don’t just want to do a major in biology and chemistry like ever other med applicant, I want to do the med school requirements in a program I’ll ENJOY for 4 years(thus higher G.P.A and looks like I actually have a mind of my own).This school also makes ppl live in dorms for 1st year and encourages ppl to socialize.It is more expensive(dorms), but I would be happier,small classes,new ppl…

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If you deny yourself the opportunity to get a good education in the field you feel most suited, then, you will always look back on it with regret. You’re young…so I’d say “go for it”…My Mom always used to say “Can’t never could” and “You never know ’til you try”…wise words..even to this day…

If you feel in your heart that making a move would be a good decision…and you have no other qualms about it, other than it’s just a bit risky…you’ll live to regret not doing it…now…

while you still have choices. You can always change AGAIN if it doesn’t work out…

Sometimes, you have to “kiss a lot of frogs, to find your prince”…know what I mean?


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wow, you’re smart for a 20 year old! Good job! Do what you think will make you happy.

Maybe make a list of the pros and cons of each action. That’s what I used to do.


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Go for happiness. If you live in a comfortable environment that will benefit you in your studies.

*I’m moving out ASAP from my parents house, similar to your story*