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Chances of attending McGill?


I am a senior in an American High School, though I am Canadian.

I wish to attend McGill (Physics Degree or Mechanical Engineering as backup), general information as follows:

ACT: 30

ACT Reading: 25

ACT Writing: 24

ACT Math: 33

ACT Science: 36

SAT Math: 740

Sat English: 610

Sat Writing: 630

GPA: Weighted 4.6 / Non-Weighted 3.6

I have taken several AP courses and have attained good scores on the tests. I currently attend North Carolina State Univerisity (half of the school day) for math. I will have taken Differential Equations (341) by the end of the school year.

I have plenty of extra curriculars but I know McGill does not even ask for them.

On a final note my mother attened the univeristy and my father was accepted but did not attend. (I do not know if that helps)

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well you scored better then 75% Mcgill students in Math.

But thats where the good ends, you scored worse then 75% of Mcgill students in reading AND writing.

They highly take into account:

Standardized test scores (SAT)



percentile in class



take that as you will.