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Can somebody explain to me how to go through college?

im confused with majors, bachelors degrees, masters degree…all of that stuff…..also, do i have to take a certain amount of classes just like highschool? how do i find out what classes i need to graduate from a university? one last thing is can i have 2 majors or degrees? just explain the route you take going through college

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The most popular way is to go to college as a, “full-time,” student. That means averaging five classes each smester, two semesters a year. There are many variations, but that’s still the basic. Each course is worth, usually, three credits, so you earn 15 credits a semester or thirty per year. Around 120 credits gets you your degree.

The first degree is your bachelors. If you continue in that area (education, engineering, journalism.. whatever you took for your bachelors) you earn a Masters Degree. They vary from high thirties to about sixty credits.

To answer another of your questions, you can have two majors as an undergraduate, but that means taking 18 to 21 credits per semester.

If you are in the U.S. as a high school student, try to explore a course to prepare you to take the Scholastic Achievement Test (SATs). Many high schools now offer them free before or after school. That is the entrance exam to colleges. The higher you score, the more college choices you have.

No matter what you score, there are usually Community Colleges, in the U.S., for students to begin their college careers. They are two-year colleges where you can earn an Associate’s Degree. After that, you can transfer with most or all of your credits to a four year college, with only two years left to go.

Good Luck.