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Bullying and cyber bullying?

The issue of bullying and cyber bullying has been highlighted in the press recently. All students have the right to a conducive and safe environment where they can be happy and strive to reach their full potential.

Why any form of bullying should not be allowed. If have been a victim of any bullying tell me yr experience. Finally, give yr views on what can be done to stop or reduce cyber-bullying.

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Cyber bullying? What is cyber bullying? Spamming you? Saying nasty things over MSN? Surely it’s not difficult to ignore that. You can block their address or turn the computer off.

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uhmm? dudee, just get them back, like cyber bully them back, or tell them that you wanna fight them, and then beat the crap out of them.. also, tell your friends what an idoit the person is, and get them against him/her.

at least thats what i’d do.