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What type of college can I get into?

Freshman Year:

Girls’ Service Club, Monster Making-It-Count Student Advisory Council

28 on the PLAN (practice ACT supposed to be taken sophomore year)

All As with the following classes:

World History I

Honors Algebra II

Biology I

English 9

Spanish I

Attended National Young Leaders’ State Conference

Sophomore Year

Girls’ Service Club, Spanish Club, Monster Making It Count Student Advisory Council, nominated but not elected for Honor Council, will most likely be on National Honor Society with my current grades

Hoping to start a Global Community Club, work with Habitat for Humanity in the coming weeks

Hoping to attend the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Program in the spring, possibly People-to-People Ambassador program over the summer, maybeee applying for Brown University Summer Program

Taking piano lessons

Grades in the following classes:

Adv. Chemistry- 93

Adv. English- 95

AP European History- 95

Adv. Geometry- 91

Adv. Spanish II- 99

Web Design (elective)- 96

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None… It seems like you haven’t graduated yet…. lol

You seem to be doing fine. In fact, you seem really impressive considering that this is only your 3rd year. If you get decent standardized test scores and don’t do anything super bad, then you can get into any college you want (except for all-boy colleges…. unless for some odd reason you’re really a boy)


Aww….. darn.

Still my advice can still apply to your region, just ask your consouler or look up the colleges yourself.

How are you a soph….. year round school maybe? Or are those tentative grades for the current school year….