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What scholarships should I apply for if I’m a Muslim Arab American?

This is my senior year of high school and I feel like I’m really late on the whole scholarship application process. Anyone have any suggestions to scholarships I should attempt to apply for?

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First google Arab-American Scholarships.

Your HS Counselors should be able to give some direction, Same thing if you have a Local College. Go Ask them.

Google your College Major if you have one set in mind. Majors have a large percentage of programs out there.

If Dad was in the American Military, there are programs under his specific job title and within his service branch just because he served.

Get to work now, You are running out of time for this next year.


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Finaid.com———-Financial Aid the big list and real help.


1-800-96 PROMISE—-free College Booklet To Help Others.

How To Get Into College—BOOK by News Week Magazine.



The Scholarshop Book $26.95—-1-800-228-2222

firstgov.gov——-all gov. sites in one place, includes fin aid.

other info:

efollett.com——-new and used college text books.

americanwriters.org—–info on all of them.

autoraps.com——apply for free car with advertizing on them.

university.net——-library of college publications.

collegegrad.com———job information & pay scales.