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Rasheeta C

What’s the difference between st. ct. ave. terr. pwky. etc?

I’m just courious to know if the ending on a street name have a difference. Like house numbers all even #’s is on one side of the street and odd #’s is on the other.

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Where i live they use this system:






these all go east and west, all others go north and south.

I understand that this is the opposite of the norm for big cities. For example, in New York and Miami streets go east and west and avenues go north and south.

go figure….


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Monica C
Yes, each different name for what we would call just a “street” actually means something. For instance, a street is defined as ” A public way or thoroughfare in a city or town, usually with a sidewalk or sidewalks” and an avenue is “A wide street or thoroughfare.” So, each different type of “street” has a different name more or less to give an exact description. Whether or not someone uses the name properly is up to them I suppose. You can look up the definitions of all of these on www.thefreedictionary.com.

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St.=street ( wider than an alley or lane, & has sidewalks)

Ct.=court (if I’m thinking right, the houses are in a circular formation around what’s called a “cul de sac” or a street /alley closed at one end and with one way out.)

Ave.= avenue (usually a little wider than a street or road, and has trees on either side)

Terr.= terrace (houses are usually on a slope or raised ground)

Pwky/Blvd=Parkway/Boulevard (a broad, landscaped street)


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I think it’s mostly just the whim of the person naming the thoroughfare. Except possibly for Ct. A court is more often than not a dead end street or one that circles back around than anything else.