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What is(are) Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s strength(s) as a leader?

please answer this question.. i need answers by tomorrow.. it’s really urgent! thanks for your help!!! Ü

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The little ***** has one hell of a daring nerve, that much I can say. She knows when to play things to her advantage. Remember EDSA 2? She was nowhere in sight while the impeachment was on-going. But when the people trooped to the streets and the anti-Erap campaign was gaining popularity, there she was! The reaper of the civic organizations’ toils!

She is decisive (though her decisions leave much to be desired). She can weather the storms, the controversies. She knows how to listen to her advisers and play the plans and schemes well.

Oh, sweetie, I’m the wrong person to answer this but there you go. Hope there’ll be GMA fans that’ll help you.