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What are the differences between highschool and university?

I know for one the schedules are different… and that the professors don’t care about your presence or absence… but what are some other differences?

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There are many differences betwen these two:

1. The students are far more matured now…more responsible and more qualified to finish degrees depending on the number of years of the course………..from 4 to 5 to 6 to 10 years of school years

2. You are more independent now and given more challenges to do like homework, research, term papers, position paper,

3. Professors are touger and assertive

4. More of the independent learning and Alternative learning strategies now

5. higher in school fees, more books to read

6. seminars, symposiums, conferences are imposed to eb attended too

7. more outreach programs to be done, students clubs and organizations

8. extra curricular activites are so much a part to excell in

9. More time given to free-will studying because it is a semester or term basis now….

10. chances to get awards in studentry…get flying colors to end up as cumlaude, magna cumlaude and summa cumlaude…

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In the University, if you earn a “C”, you have flunked! History might be Mon, Tues, Th & Fri; French every day; some classes once a week.

But the main thing is, they THINK you actually know something, and it is up to YOU to prove it.

At the freshman college level, 1 semester is equal to 1 year of high school.

At the University level, 1 semester is equal to about freshman PLUS sophomore year of college.


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don’t know, never been to university before. But i know one, You gotta pay for universities

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no home room

can leave campus whenever you wish

responsibility to learn is YOURS not the teachers.