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Very confused. Please help!?

Answer the following question using A,B,C or D

Pick A if the quantity in column A is greater

Pick B if the quantity in column B is greater

Pick C if the two quantities are always equal

Pick D if the relationship cannot be determined from the information given

Answer the following question using A,B,C or D as described above

Column A

the value of x in the equation x – 5=3x +7

Column B

the value of n in the equation 4n – 3=2(2n+2) – 7

Can you explain this also. Thanks alot.

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B is the answer. Here’s the details:

x-5=3x+7 4n-3=2(2n+2)-7

x-3x=7+5 4n-3=4n+4-7

-2x=12 4n-4n=3+4-7

x=-6 0n=0

-6<0, therefore, Column B is greater Personally I don't care much for this problem, as 0 can be misinterpreted as undefined, if manipulated improperly, but that's the best answer I can offer....


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x – 5=3x +7

-5=2x+7 ————-> subtract x from both sides

-12=2x ————–> subtract 7 from both sides

-6 = x —————-> divide 2 from each side

4n – 3=2(2n+2) – 7

4n – 3 = 4n +4 – 7 ————-> distribute

4n – 3 = 4n – 3 —————–> combine like terms

-3 = -3 ——————————> subtract 4n from each side

0 = 0 ————————–> add 3 to each side

its D because we dont know what the value of n is since the equation balances out. we know that x = -6 but we dont know what n is. in this equation n could be anything.


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the answer is D because x= -13/2 but you can not determine the value of n with that equation because it say 0n=-4 and that doesn’t make any since.

You have to isolate the variable by solving the equation.