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Suggestions on how to pay for school.?

I went to college a few years ago and then my major was dropped. Long story short I haven’t been back and am ready to return. I have discovered what I really would like to do and they now have a major for it.

I have had assistance through FASFA and I will need to make 6 strait payments to be reconsidered for a loan through them. My loan isn’t deferred yet but it is due for repayment.

I work a FT job, live at home and my parents are going through a divorce so money from them is out of question.

My question is how can I pay for school? I want to start this fall so I can get my degree. I’ve seen that there isn’t much opportunity for people who don’t have a degree.

What grants are available generally? And what are my other options for assistance?

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if you are 24 , there are pell grants available. these are from the government. also talk with the loan people and tell them your story…. if you are going back to school they maybe be able to defer your loan. i know it is hard trying to find the money, but it is out there. try a signature loan or ask the loan company if they have suggestions. don’t put off to long or they won’t be able to process you request. good luck

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I am known by FASFA, Im on their roll. I would make a payment or two. Does/has– your mother been working a job outside the home? I would tell financial aid office her income is all that can be considered, or just your dads by saying which one you are living with. Then once you get to a point ask them to sign you up for “work study” on the schools campus, and the money you earn goes towards classes.

If none of that gets you past go—- then get to typing away on the internet and apply for tons of scholarships. Your grade point average must reflect your concern for your grades and success in school. There’s no limit to how many scholarships you can be awarded! Just have to put out that effort! If degrees were easy—- everyone would have a few!


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Finaid.com———-Financial Aid the big list and real help.


1-800-96 PROMISE—-free College Booklet To Help Others.

How To Get Into College—BOOK by News Week Magazine.



The Scholarshop Book $26.95—-1-800-228-2222

firstgov.gov——-all gov. sites in one place, includes fin aid.

other info:

efollett.com——-new and used college text books.

americanwriters.org—–info on all of them.

autoraps.com——apply for free car with advertizing on them.

university.net——-library of college publications.

collegegrad.com———job information & pay scales.