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Looking at going back to school, can I get government assistance for daycare?

My husband is an EMT but not happy in this field, so he’s looking into going back to school. A refridgeration or A/C school, we live in AZ so there would always be a demand for this. Anyway, we have 2 kids, an 8 year old and a 3 year old. I work full time already. Because of his scedule now , our 3 yr old only goes to daycare 2 times a week ($40.00 a week). With him going back to schoool we would need daycare Monday – Friday 7 am -1 pm (go to about $120.00 a month, which is way our budget). Can we apply and receive government assistance for daycare? Any suggestions on going back to school and restarting a career when you already have a family too would be greatly apperciated.

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Your child might qualify to attend a Head Start preschool. I don’t know if there are any program costs but it’s supposed to be for lower-income families so it’ll probably be cheaper than private daycare.

Use this link to find a school in your county:


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You didn’t mention if you husband has his bachelor’s degree yet or not. If he doesn’t, and as long as his studies lead to a degree, he should be able to qualify for federal financial aid including student loans. This aid must go to institutional charges first, but once the school is paid you can then use any remainder to assist with other expenses including daycare costs. Talk to the school’ aid office for the specifics.

If he does have a bachelor’s if he didn’t max out on his loan eligibility, then he could still borrow funds to assist with the expenses.