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Student Loans?

How many student loans/financial aid can you have outstanding?

I have grants, loans and financial aid for my present college. But I plan to make a several returns to a second college over the next 2 years in order to complete a degree program. All of the classes over the years will need grants, f/a or loans to cover the associated costs. How many f/a, grants or loans can be outstanding? Is there a cap on how much can be borrowed over several years?

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As an undergraduate student, the maximum you can borrow in the federal Stafford student loan program is $23,000 as a dependent student or $46,000 as an independent student. Once you reach this maximum you will not be eligible to borrow additional federal loans until you enter a graduate degree program or pay down a portion of the borrowed amount. The aid office will continue to award you grants as long as you continue to meet the awarding guidelines including meeting the school’s Satisfactory Academic Progress guidelines. The school is required by federal law to monitor your academic progress. One area they monitor is how many courses you have attempted. You are only eligible to receive aid (including loans) up to 150% of what it takes to graduate with your degree. For example, say your degree requires 120 hours. You can only receive aid for up to 180 hours (120 * 150%). Once you have attempted over 180 hours the aid office can deny you additional aid. You can always appeal if you have special circumstances (sickness, working on two degrees, etc.) but the school’s decision is final.