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Student Loan Help?

I applied for a loan about 2 years ago and I’m due to make payment and the amount is about 9000 dollars but I’ve only deposited about 2000 from the school. I have no idea what happened. I never cashed in anything else.

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Just to confirm are you saying you only recall receiving a total of $2000 from the school as a refund or having it posted to your student account to pay for tuition?

I would contact your financial aid office ASAP to confirm what they show being received from the lender and disbursed directly to you and applied to your tuition.

If you completed the MPN for the Stafford Loan, then that automatically renews each year unless you advise the financial aid office that you do not want the funds. Your MPN is good for 10 years so you wouldn’t have had to sign a new one each year.