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My friend does not qualify for financial aid because his parents make too much..what can he do to get help….

My friend would really like to go to college! His parents are unable to help him out, but he doens’t qualify for financial aid. Does anybody have any ideas? What can he do to get some help for college? Thanks so much!

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If he hasn’t already, he should still complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid – www.fafsa.ed.gov). There still may be insitutional scholarships for which he may be eligible.

He should also look into some outside scholarships:

College Board Homepage




Free Scholarship Search


Gates Millennium Scholars Program


He should talk to a financial aid officer at his school as well for additional information/guidance. Good luck!


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That’s a tough situation. Unless he has very impressive stats, Schools aren’t likely to step up and help a lot. There are scholarship sites like Fastweb and whatnot, but keep in mind that there are a TON of students thinking the same thing and going for the same scholarships, so it’s super competitive.

His parents must make a lot not to qualify for any aid at all, work-study or Stafford Loan. Colleges expect parents to pay, and usually won’t budge on the numbers even if the parents refuse or cannot do so.

Unless he gets really lucky with a scholarship or school that wants him bad enough to pay a great deal of the bill, he’ll probably have to pull out private loans, which are definitely a burden to many students later on in life with the high interest rates. Make sure he knows he can never get rid of the student loans through bankruptcy or anything like that, because lenders have the government on their side.

A lot of people start those first two years at a community college to save money, so he might want to try that.


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apply to get scholarships, whether they are local or not. try fastweb.com they have a list of scholarships that you can apply to online. once applied to the college you can get aid that way too, talking to finacial aid people there will help out too, if worst comes to worst loans