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Can you get a 0 efc but no award?

When I filled out the fafsa I had to file as a dependent, got an efc of 0, and a full award. But a co-worker of mine didn’t need to give parent information, also got efc of 0, but no award money. We also go to the same college. How is that possible?

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Actually, each situation is handled differently by the financial aid office. She could have met the qualifications to be considered an independent student such as being married, having a child, military, or over 24 years old. It also depends on whether or not you completed the FAFSA form in time for their financial aid deadline. If you miss the deadline, the possibility diminishes on getting scholarships from their endowment fund because schools only have a set amount. My recommendation is to apply well before the financial aid deadline for the next academic year. Good luck!

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There are several possiblities in that with an efc of 0 under normal sercomstances anyone should qualify for aid. I would have your friend check with the aid office there is a possiblity that they miss awarded them. Also depending on how long your friend has been in school they may have maxed out thier financal awards that they can recieve in which case they would not be elegable for an award. Lastly they may not have been awarded anything because they are pending verification at the school roughly 1/3 of the applecations that are recieved for financial aid are selected randomly for verification in which case she’ll need her tax records and any other documents used to prove the fafsa information, this could include birth certificates if they have dependents, marage certificates if they have been married, devorce papers if they have been devorced. If they are pending verification no award will me made untill the verification process is compleate at my school it usually takes about 3 weeks from the time they recieve all the documents they need.