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Media Presentation- tips?

I am to perform a presentation with a group consisting of two(maybe three) other members who are to say… less than enthusiastic, or co-operative.

As for the information and knowledge content part of the presentation, I am all set. I have more than enough information written down.

Now, here’s the problem:

This presentation is for a Media Studies course. We have just analyzed the progress of modern, mainstream music(starting from the 60s’ until now). Our project is to analyze a song and present our finds in an interesting and entertaining matter.(“talking heads” and lectures are out.)

I estimate the presentation should be about 20min. long. The song is “Mosh” by Eminem and I have more than enough to say to fill that 20 min. But I don’t want the presentation to be boring.

Does anyone have any tips as to how to make a satisfactory(I’ve given up on the perfect level of performance) presentation- something that will work with my group members?

Thanks in advance. 😀

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OK, you and 2-3 other less-than-enthusiastic group members are presenting this project to….the rest of the class?

What isn’t clear to me is who exactly is doing the presentation…just you, or the narrative is actually split up between all of you? How is the grading being done…a single grade for the whole group? Apportioned grading…pts for presentation, pts for project compilation, ??

So, whatever, your presentation or part of it is your responsibility. That’s what you have control over. If you drafted the final compilation but its still a group presentation, then you only have control over your part of the presentation.

If the rest of the group is not infected with your enthusiasm, there’s not much you can do…but the show must go on. It seems it will be quite obvious who is enthused and who isn’t and who carried the show and who didn’t….and let the cards / grades fall where they may. You don’t have control over that.

So, bottom line…control what you can control (which is yourself), do the best that you can and you’ve met with your obligation to the group.

As a surprise ending, take a stack of small paper plates with you. At the end of the presentation when you do the Q & A, distribute the plates to the class and ask them to write their questions on the plates and to toss them frisbee-style to the front of the room. You and the group collect them, read them off, and answer them. Guaranteed the infectious reaction of the class and the tossing of the plates will get some of the group moving…if only to try catching the plates.

hope this helps…best wishes on your presentation.