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(minneapolis college of art and design, and savannah college of art and design)

Anyone ever been these places? They sounds great for college-but im nervous about going out of state.

Suggestions and reveiws are very much appreciated!!!

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I attended to SCAD. It’s ok. However I do like their Architect Program (hands on). But, if your major is Fashion. Then if I was you I’ll go to FIDM located in Los Angeles, CA or FIT located in New York City, NY.

With those schools it will look MUCH better on your resume when looking for a JOB!!!



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I easily have not been to those colleges, yet i comprehend lots approximately what a great journey that’s to circulate to college out of state! I grew up in Missouri, on no account went everywhere and as quickly as i all started college in Michigan, i’ve got ended up vacationing to 26 countries and residing in 4 distinctive states. Now i’m in Brooklyn and this is the main suitable! the two those colleges and cities are amazing and that i urge you to take that bounce! Rawk it!