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If I withdraw from one class, and take a late start class to fulfill my full time status, will it affect FAFSA

I am currently getting A’s in all of my classes except my geometry class. I am on the verge of failing it this semester. And I was thinking of dropping it and receive a “W” on my transcript and hopefully take it next semester but with a BETTER professor that doesn’t rush and have a heavy accent and is bad on instructions. So I am debating to just drop that class and take a “late start” class also known as short term classes that lasts only 8 weeks and you still get to earn some credits. I am currently in 14 units, and if I drop my geometry class, that will bring me to 11 units only. And I would need one more unit to consider myself as full-time student. So I was planning to just take a physical education class to fulfill the full time student status, which will give me 12 units. But I do this, will this affect my financial aid for my next following academic year? How does it work? Or would I need to make up the units that I had dropped? Please respond back as soon as possible! Thank!

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It wouldn’t effect FAFSA at all because the FAFSA is just a tool used to determine what financial aid you would be eligible to receive at your school.

As far as your financial aid goes, it could have an effect if you have withdrawn from classes before. Schools have to follow what is called SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress). There are minimal standards set for each school by the federal government, but each school is different in how those standards are applied.

You have Qualitative (where you have to maintain a minimum GPA for your grade level), Quantitative (where you have to complete at least the mimimum percentage of all credit hours for which you are registered), and Maximum Time Frame (the point where you no longer qualify for federal aid because you have exceeded number of hours required for graduation in your program of study, including any transferred hours accepted for credit toward the degree).

If this is the first class you will have withdrawn from then I wouldn’t think it would be a problem for the next semester or academic year. But talk to a financial aid officer at your school anyway for more information/guidance as to how SAP is at your school.

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As long as you keep full time status it will not effect your aid, keep in mind federal money will only pay for a class twice, so you will need to make sure that you get the “w”.

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