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How much should i score in SATs to avail a scholarship?

i am giving my SATs and hope to avail a scholarship.

how much should i score so that i am eligile for any type of scholarship?

please specify the score required in SAT1 and SAT2 seperately………

i am of INDIAN nationality…………

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Sarah C

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Scholarships depend on other things.

To get the maximum amount of money, apply to a smaller, less well-known college where your SAT scores are above the average students. The US News publications, and others, will tell you what the average SAT score or its interquartile range would be.

If you are somehow affiliated with any international group or religion, Bahai or Kiwanis or Boy Scouts, contact their American office and ask for help. There may be special relationships between that group and a college or two.

Look for colleges in the middle of the country where few Indian students go. As a novelty, you’ll be a good position to offer the American students a new perspective on life. The college will encourage you to do that by providing some scholarship money, without much consideration of your SAT score.


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When you say INDIAN nationality are you meaning someone who was born or parents are from the country India or do you mean you are native American. If you are native American and are on the Indian Registration contact your tribe and they may be able to help. There are also grants as well as scholarships available depending on what you/family’s economic situation is.

How high of a score you need to get into a school depends on the school you want to go to. The more prestigious the school the higher the score you will need.

Here is a link to a sight I found that you may find useful.


It shows the scores for all three sections of the SAT and ACT scores needed to get into some of the universities all over the country. If this does not help contact the universities you are interested in and ask. Most universities have websites for perspective students to log on and ask questions. Just do a google search for the school you are interested in and follow the links.

Hope this helps



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I don’t know of anyone who gives a scholarship based upon SAT score alone; most of the top academic scholarships are based on an index score which combines the SAT and GPA. What that score has to be varies by school, since scholarships are usually determined by the individual university.

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That relies upon on lots of circumstances. -the place you prefer to persist with? -what’s your present day GPA? -What classes your taking? -What extracurriculars are you in contact in? The SAT’s do no longer play a large function with economic help, it is especially each and every thing else in severe college which you do. The SAT’s are relatively basically used to get you commonplace right into a school. economic help relies upon on your severe college profession, no longer basically that one try.

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Get free scholarship info here:



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well colleges like ethnicity, and try your best, colleges dont judge just on SAT’s so dont stress out but aim for alittle above average,



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xi xi
it depends on what college r u going and u should check in with ur college or the scholarship