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How easy is it to get a student loan?

I’m going to be finishing up my sophomore year at the community college & will be transfering to the state university.Up until this point I have paid all of my school expenses b/c I wanted to save getting a loan until this point.

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The answer to your question depends on whether you are referring to a federal student loan or a private student loan.

Federal student loans are the easiest to get. There is no credit check involved, therefore no so-signer would be required either. To qualify for a federal student loan you must first file a FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.gov. You then must complete your financial aid file at the school you are attending by submitting any additional documents that they may require (this can be such things as tax documents, verification worksheet, or other forms). So long as you meet all the federal requirements (a US Citizen or permanent resident, have a high school diploma or GED, etc) and also meet the school’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, and are enrolled at least half-time, then you qualify for a Federal Stafford Student Loan.

Contact your school’s financial aid office for information on how to begin the application process, as each school’s processing flow can vary.

As far as private education loans, these can be a bit more difficult to get because credit-worthiness does factor into whether you will qualify and what you interest rate will be. Many young borrowers find that because they have no credit history, a co-signer is required. Credit is needed for a private loan because these loans are not federally guaranteed like a federal student loan, so this means the lender must assess your “risk” factor when determining how much and at what rate they will allow you to borrow.

Lastly, why in the world have you not applied for federal financial aid! Even if you believe you may not qualify, it’s always worth trying because, who knows, you could be wrong. I strongly encourage every single person enrolled in college or university to complete the FAFSA every year!


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You can get federal loans regardless of your credit. They are the easiest to get.

For private loans, I qualified for one, but ended up not taking it because the interest rate was high. Usually, private student loans are easier to get than other loans (mortgage, car, etc). Do you have established credit?