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How do my career opportunities look with C.S./Spanish?

I major in Computer Science and Spanish, and I minor in Philosophy. How marketable will my skills be would you say? I like these subjects, so what careers/perks am I looking at?

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Computer Science itself pays really well and there’s plenty of job opportunities, you will never be unemployed.

C.S. Spanish is an additional skill that will be useful to you specially in cities with high latino populations.


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Computer and Information Science

Computer and Information Sciences is a branch of the more general field of Computer Science. If you major in CIS you’ll be learning about computers and computer technology, with an emphasis on the applications of such knowledge. This means you’ll focus on how computer technology can be applied to all fields of business. You’ll learn how to develop business applications and perform system analysis; you’ll study the process of developing software, from designing to programming to testing. You’ll be exposed to areas such as robotics, natural language recognition programs, artificial intelligence, programming languages, and numerical analysis.

Problem solving is a major part of CIS, and graduates pursue careers in fields including business, management, and computer support. The knowledge you gain from a CIS major is absolutely applicable to the real world.


Perhaps you’ve already fallen in love with the poems of Pablo Neruda and the novels of Gabriel García Márquez and realized that you want a deeper look into the culture and language in which these writers flourish. Or maybe you’ve got a businesslike mind and see a lot of potential in the developing economies of South America. Regardless of what your interest may be, a Spanish major will provide you a unique insight into the second most widely spoken language in the world.

Spoken throughout Central and South America, Spain, and many parts of the United States, knowledge of Spanish is a bridge into varied cultures that span several continents and dozens of centuries. In addition to becoming fluent in the language, a Spanish major also obtains a broad knowledge of the history of the Spanish-speaking world. From Aztecs ruins to Argentine fascism, you’ll delve into the social, political, and economic elements that have made Spanish one of the most important languages in the world.

Many colleges recommend or require that you spend at least a semester studying in a Spanish-speaking country of your choice.


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I would think Computer Science and Spanish are good skills in the job market.