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Help me making a short funny sketch. ☺?

Hi all,

I’ll together with my group present a sketch infront of my class.

Here go,

We four friends have decided to eat in a swedish restaurant and i’ll be arriving twenty minutes late.

Then I’ll have to give then worlds worst excuse for why i’m late.

Now help me with that funny excuse. It can be anything…

like, there wasn’t any hot water in shower, I saw a plane crashing, a dog was lying infront of my car. so so on… ☻

Just anything funny and i’ll mess up the whole thing and at last get busted that i’m lieing. My friends will ask me questions while i’m explaining my delay.. ya.. you know how a sketck look like. 🙂

It will have to take at least one and a half minutes long and be funny!!

Thanks a lot for helping.. ☺

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A few days ago
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I ran into this particular question on this site. I have kept it because I had a hard time believing it could happen to anyone. Check it out and see if it hight help with your sketch.

But here’s how it works: at the end, when you sit down, one of your friend’s go “What’s that smell?” (You’ll understand when you read it)