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1. How can you tell if an object sinks or floats?

2. At what temperature does water boil, freeze, condense, melt?

3. Define distillation and how is it useful

4. What does solubility mean?

5. Using a solubility curve, how would you be able to tell what the solubility of a substance is?

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1.an object floats if it has a lower density than the surrounding liquid, and it sinks if it has a higher density.

2. boiling point of water-100degrees celcius or 212degrees ferenheit

freezing point-0degrees celcius 32degrees ferenheit

condense-The dew point is related to the relative humidity.higher relative hummidity shows that the dew point is closer to the current air temperature. If the relative humidity is 100%, the dew point is equal to the current temperature.

melting point-same as freezing point.

3.distillation is a method of separating chemical substances based on differences in their volatilities in a boiling liquid mixture. it is usefull for power generation and industrial uses.

4. solubility is how soluable something is. the relative capability of being dissolved.

5.Solubility curves tell us what mass of solute will dissolve in a certain amount. i dont know how u can use it to tell what the sollubility of a substance is.

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1.if its density is less tahn water..it will float..otherwise sink

2.boil at 100 C,freeze at 0 C,condense at 100 C and melt at 0 C…

the other 3 questions will be in your text book…


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