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Finicial aid problems?

Ok this is my final finicial aid question, I need a car for school cause I live in Ga, but school is in florida. I wanted to use some of my private student loan for that reason but I read the astrive loan and it stated that you aren’t supposed to do that. Plus I have a part time job my finicial advisor told me to save up 2400 dollars with in 6 months even though I only make 600 a month with a 300 dollar a month rent, so that 2400 is not going to be possible. My apartment will be paid for but its going to take 90 days before aid comes so what the heck do i do for the first three months. Me and my roomate have about 2000 saved up together when were supposed to have 4800 saved up. My finicial advisor keeps mentioning my legal limit I think this is all there going to let me have is my federal private loan. Because i was thinking about applying for a another loan but that my not be happening. My parents have their own problems to worry so thats a no from them. So what can i do

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get one more job i am feeling your same pain

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Find a group of friends that are willing to help you without charge. Other than that, you’re in a pickle.