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Financial aid for US student studying in Europe?

I’m a US student. I’m planning on transfering to a school in the UK next fall. I know that Fastweb is good for finding scholarships and stuff in the US, but is there something similar for someone studying abroad?

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Are you going as part of a Study Abroad program through your current school? If so, then any financial aid you receive at your school now you would be able to use for the program in the UK.

In any event, besides www.fastweb.com, here are some other links to review:





Talk to a financial aid officer at your current school for more information/guidance. Good luck!


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financial help for study in another country is almost impossible to acquire, exceptionally at your point. For grad college, there are the renowned Fulbright and Rhodes pupil classes. you may nonetheless want money of your man or woman. you will want money not purely for all your college-correct costs (classes, books, costs, ‘puter, aspects) yet in addition all your residing costs, plus commute costs. and you may practice you have adequate money for each little thing as a manner to acquire a pupil visa. the two you and your mom and father arise with adequate money, or forego reading in another country till you do. you’re fairly fortunate in the journey that your college grants the money for instructions. very few distant places scholars can get that. that’s a extensive boon for you! something, besides the shown fact that, is totally as much as you and your mom and father. maybe your mom and father can do a determine loan.