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(college)Financial Information question.?

I’m going to cal poly pomona this year and an international student.

cal poly international center told me to fill out the supplermentary information form.

i’m stuck with few questions.


1. Please estimate the amount of funds that will be available to you.

– $ 70,000

From what sources will you recieve these funds? Sponsor : Dad

Personal _________ Savings ________ Other ________


what should I put “Personal _________ Savings ________ Other ________”

I don’t get the question.

could you please explain what the question mean and what I should put in there?

thank you 🙂

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It sounds like all it is asking is if you will have other money available to help pay for the expenses and how much those funds are and where are they coming from. If you are getting help from your dad put how much he is contributing and select other and write his name in there. That should solve the problem, but if you are still unsure contact the Cal Poly financial office and they will go over the form with you.

Beautiful campus by the way, great selections in schools.