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Can I still get federal aid for school (fasa) if i have had 10 withdrawn classes this past year.?

I had a rough year and my parents paid for my school however they all resulted in withdrawls. Is that going to hinder my chances at getting F.A. even though my parents paid for my classes last year. I want to pay for my classes this year but I am not sure if i will be “awarded” anyhting due to all my withdrawls. However I did not use F.A. this previous year

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FA is very strict on this: you must finish at least 75% of the classes they paid for.. You can appeal thru fa and they will make a decision. They usually require that you pay for your classes 1 full sem before getting anymore aid.. If your parents have done that..should not be a problem. Know that if you appeal, the boards only meet every 2-3 weeks so you may not KNOW if you are accepted for aid or not until it’s too late so have a plan. GL

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It shouldn’t. FAFSA goes by your parents income from 2006 for this upcoming school year.

It is already late for filing the FAFSA. You need to contact the school you wish to attend and ask what they can help you with. (I hope that it is not the same school you had all your withdrawals from. They will probably not want to issue you any school funds.)