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can i get my financial aid again?

ok,heres the story. i filled out the fafsa in march and got some grants and offered a loan for fall07spring08 year. then i learned that i was dissmissed from my college. so i declined the aid because i didnt plan on goin to college in the fall or spring anywhere else at that moiment. now i want to go to a community college in my area, will i be able to get those rewards again so i can use them his upcoming year

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You really have to ask the financial aid office at your community college. I think it might be possible to get your grant but I really don’t know about your loans. If they were federal loans then maybe but if they are private then I’m not so sure.

Also it will depend of the cost of your tuition. A community college doesn’t cost as much as a regional or state university. So call the aid office and ask.