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Tyler O

Can anyone help me on an Egg Drop project?

Size Restriction of Apparatus: May not exceed mass of one sheet of poster board.. May not be learger than 50 cm in any direction.

Longest time (compared to classmates) is the best time.

You get two drops, egg must survive.

You can only alter the posterboard by cutting, shredding, bending, etc…

No adding mass to the apparatus.

Dropped from the top of a high school stadium bleachers.

I can answer further questions.

Please, help is much appreciated. ^_^;

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Marilyn Says

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When I did this project in school, I had to figure it out on my own. Egg survived one drop, but not the second.

Perhaps, you can come up wih your own solution instead of solutions already used.

If you don’t want to come up with your own solution, try googling the problem. There will be solutions on line.


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eric d
The trick here is longest time is the winner. You are not trying so much to keep the egg whole as to keep the egg afloat as long as possible. Think parachute or paper airplane.

I presume you can only use 1 sheet of construction paper.

Here is an idea. Small rolled up slips of paper can work to re-enforce your frame. If you can use glue, dip them in that.

Good luck!


A few days ago
You could make a box out of the posterboard and fill it with tyrofoam, or suspend the egg in the middle with flat rubberbands-a bungee egg. Or you could wrap the egg in bubble wrap. Does that help?