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Are you familiar with the FAFSA form for financial aid in college?

My grandaughters have no contact or support from their parents. It makes it impossible to fill out the form without lying. It clearly states that a grandparent cannot be listed as a parent. How would you handle this?

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A few before me have answered wrong. Legal gaurdians cannot complete the FAFSA. Only a parent (biological, step or adopted) can complete the form.. If the grandparent did not adopt, they cannot fill out the FAFSA. I know many families who have the grandparent fill out the FAFSA anyway because the student considers them her parents. It is a self certifying form punishable by pretty stiff fines, so no one should ever tell you to lie on the FAFSA. Do what you feel in your heart is right. The financial aid office is required to resolve discrepancies and tell you that you are required to contact the parent. Some schools will make an exception in rare circumstances. It is definitely a tough spot to be in, as Congress doesn’t make allowances for this due to abuse in the past.

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I was told by the finanical aid dept at my school that NO MATTER WHAT.. you have to report the legal guardian’s income. They could be millions of miles away and never have anything to do with the child.. you must still report it. I know that is so unfair and it is a problem with the financial aid system. I really wish you would have obtained legal guardianship.. their parents do not deserve to be. Talk to a lawyer… I know they are expensive but they probably know a loop hole or two that could save you thousands in tuition. Don’t give up yet.

The lawyer is the best bet.. financial aid depts have different info and the FAFSA number is all but a joke….


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If the girl is concidered legally emanicipated she fills it out with her own information only and doesn’t have guardians. If you are her legal guardian then you add your information (it does stipulate you need to be the legal guardian.) If the parents are the legal guardians then you must get them to fill it out. The state can make their records available if they are evading the question (note: this can sometimes have expenses for yourself to do so.)

If, however, the parents have been claiming her as their dependent for tax purposes, their information is needed.

There is a good ammount of information on the FAFSA forums: www.fafsa.ed.gov


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Finaid.com———-Financial Aid the big list and real help.


1-800-96 PROMISE—-free College Booklet To Help Others.

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The Scholarshop Book $26.95—-1-800-228-2222

firstgov.gov——-all gov. sites in one place, includes fin aid.

other info:

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americanwriters.org—–info on all of them.

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Do you have legal documentation of custody? If so, that would change your title…. Good Luck! FAFSA knows me, unfortunately…..

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explain the situation to the financial aid representative im sure they know of a way around it.