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Any ideas for a catchy name for our wnter ball?

We’re planning our high school winter ball and we need a them. The past three have been the Snow Ball, A Tropical ParadICE, and A Black and White Affair. We’re hoping for another theme that is a play on winter words. Any suggestions?

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Winter SolstICE

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I suppose it depends on the theme you’d like-

You could do a Vegas theme like Casino Royale,

a jungle/wild theme like Safari Soiree,

or even pick a cool movie theme (I’ve seen things like Phantom of the Opera) or if you’re looking for a ‘hot’ theme to counter the ‘winter’ dance- how about a Sahara Soriee (Arabian Nights) or Winter Carnivale (for a mix of Mardi Gras goes to Alaska)? Whatever you choose, I’m sure everyone will have a great time. Good Luck!


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ParadICE is so cute. I love that title.

1. snowflake heaven

2. holiday spirit

3. snowy weather

I know these are bad but maybe you can get more ideas from these words. Good luck with your ball.


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the Blue Crystal Ball sounds cool to me

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Oh, it somewhat is magnificent! My 3 girlfriends and that i’ve got a quartet besides! somebody observed as us the “teenager Angels” and it caught. i think which you will use that in case you prefer, we are attempting to think of of a clean call, too.

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