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after u get the finance aid letter from collage,?

is that with room , food and books etc and if not how do you know how much to of a loan to apply for

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Uhh, it really depends on what your letter said. You’ll have to be more specific. Was this a financial aid award letter, or just a letter from financial aid??

Usually they will explain any financial aid that you were awarded, and also give you a list of expenses (tuition, books, housing, personal allowance, travel allowance). They are required to give you an estimated cost of attendance. This will tell you how much money it’s going to cost. Then you want to look at how much money was awarded to you (hopefully some!!), subtract this from the estimated cost, and you’ll have your “remaining financial need” Usually somewhere on your letter it will say, “remaining financial need” or “unmet need” something like that.

P.S. I assume you’ve submitted your FAFSA? It not, you’re making a big mistake! Submit it! Now!