European Security Strategy in contrast to the U.S. National Security strategy


A security strategy is a document which outlines the mains security issues and how the administration would deal with it. U.S.A has the document as National Security Strategy of United States of America while the European community has the document as European Security Strategy. When drafting a security strategy, analysis of cultural factors is important. These cultural factors are Geography, Religion, Modernization, Ethnicity and Nationalism. Peterson scale model is an important tool for analysis of these cultural factors.

Hypothesis statement

Geography and Ethnicity/nationality has negative contribution to European Security.


European community has various ethic communities. There are the Briton, the Irish, Italians, Germans, Spanish, French, Turkish and other ethic community (FCE New, 2008). Each ethnic community want to have an independent identify. For example the Irish have always fought for their independent identity from the English. The French and the English and the German have always insisted on the superiority of their language. The Turks have a completely different identity. There is also presence of immigrant ethnic communities. However European has a shared history. The people of Europe have been united by their common history and they identify themselves with Europe. On the other hand, American also has ethnic community. They include the Latino, Chinese, African and European American. However ethnic identity has diminished in America.

European Security Strategy in Contrast to U.S National Strategy

Using Peterson scale model, Ethnicity and nationalism scores a relatively high scale score as compared to the U.S. This implies that there is vertical communication between these communities.


European community is an economic integration of independent states. Each state controls its own resources. Each state has its own political identity and political system. Some have parliamentary system while others have a presidential system. For example France has a presidential system while Britain has a parliamentary system. The natural resources are developed independently. Each state has defined boundaries that are secured by independent military forces. Europe is bordered by the Middle East in the east. The relationship between the Middle East countries and Europe has not been such positive.

On the other hand America is one geographic identity. It is bordered by ocean on all sides except on the north where it borders Canada. The natural resources have been well developed. Although part of America is a desert, there is no dependence on natural resource, such as land, by the common people.

Using the Peterson scale model to analyze the geography cultural aspect, Europe as a whole has a hierarchical scale score. The independent management of resource by its member and its bordering the Middle East and other non member states with deferring political ideology on the north contribute highly to the scale. On the other hand America has a low scale measure.

European Security Strategy in Contrast to U.S National Strategy


Analysis of Ethnicity/Nationalism and geography in Europe show high scale count. This has a negative contribution to the security of Europe. These factors should be considered when drafting the European security strategy. Effort should be made by the European community to lower this scale. For example Common language could be promoted to promote nationalism. At the same time effort should be made for a possible political integration.


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