Cultural Aspect

The Japanese culture

The Japanese society is one of the most conservative societies in the world and is know for their reserved way the handle their guests, besides these two aspects the Japanese are very specific in how they do their things and in case one deviates from the expected actions the repercussions are evident.

Much of this has been experienced by most American and European businessmen or firms that have sought to extend their businesses operations to Japan and having a very different culture from that of these two continents most of them are frustrated and usually go back home with no results to show for their travel to the Asian. Such is the difference of the cultural differences of these countries but it is important to note that the difference is not because the Japanese culture is bad or restricting as compared to these other cultures but because of the fact that these people conduct everything differently from the western and American ways.

A closer examination of the Japanese culture reveals certain aspects that are admirable and which can go a very long way in instituting some equally desired changes of the way of life of the business environment in the American society. This should not be taken to mean that the American culture is inferior to the Japanese culture but simply means that no culture is efficient enough or all round to satisfy the thought of an ideal environment. Instead there has always been the need to build stable economies which are supported by strong cultural values this is because the culture of an organisation’s people is later on demonstrated in the organization and the more suited the culture to the motives and basics for strong economic conditions then the more it becomes easy to accomplish the organizations goals. Thus the reason behind borrowing and exchange of culture is to build a more economic and socially sound culture which meets the valid needs of the people.

Cultural Aspect


The Japanese culture is the most conspicuous of the many cultures that have a great insistence on the politeness of individuals in all occasions. An illustration of this is during business meetings with the Japanese, for the Japanese a business function is a very formal meeting just like in any other part of the world but with them it requires a formal setting with a strong dress code regulation which differs greatly with the American and European cultures. The other thing about these meetings is that they will always remain silent apart from raising questions and they will keep it very formal. In conclusion they will exchange gifts and pour drinks to the other party such is the element that lacks with the western cultures but which would bring a formal and appreciative touch in business meetings within the American culture.

Service and loyalty

The Japanese culture mainly favours employment as opposed to entrepreneurship which is different with the Western culture. This aspect developed from the very basic level of the society helps individuals become very loyal to their respective companies and contribute greatly to the success of t he company. This is because the success or social status of an individual is determined by the status of t he company where one works. Such is the level of loyalty that needs to be implanted within the American culture.

The service culture is jointly as important as the loyalty culture this is in the fact that these two go together, in the insistence of working for big companies as mark of status requires these individuals to serve selflessly, another thing that is not evident in the American culture but which would help greatly if incorporated within the existent culture.

Cultural Aspect


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