Case Study Writing

Case study writing involves writing a puzzle that need to be solved. A case study should present a problem for the reader to solve. Case study writing should not provide answers rather it should raise questions and allow the reader to work through the decision making process and find the preferred solution. While doing case study writing the writer should have his audience in mind. The language and content of the case study should be made to suit the audience. Case study writing normally employs the use of Short story writing techniques. Openings in case study writing should be made to grab the reader’s attention by presenting a problem that relate to reader.

In good case study writing the writer should present situations without any attempt at analysis but instead leave the analysis to case study readers. The ending of good case study writing should leave the reader with a clear picture of the problem. Case study writing do not always present a problem to the reader but can also be used to demonstrate how a specific situation was initially, which solution was selected to resolve and a summary of the final result. This kind of a case study usually contains the problem section, the implementation and the results section. It is aimed at demonstrating to the students how a practical problem can be solved.

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