Admission to a university for further studies is very important especially for an individual who has some superb goals like mine. This is because the admission will allow me to increase on my knowledge through the teaching that I’ll receive in class. The life experiences that I’ll share with my classmates will also allow me to grow academically. The climax of an admission for higher education is that I will be able to achieve my goals that I have for long aspired to achieve.

My Management Styles

I have some personal attributes that have helped me come this far. I however do believe that all these attributes can be maximised and utilised to their full potential if I was admitted in a university for further studies. I have previously worked with other individuals in groups and I have proved to be the kind of person who will always work for the benefit of the entire group and for the achievement of the team’s goal. In these groups, I have acted as a mentor by offering my own views towards solving the problem in hand. In the very groups, I never keep my opinions to myself but always communicate them subject to correction by members. In case a possibility of a difficulty alarms, I always give it an attempt instead of sitting and waiting for the problem to occur and then react to the occurrences.

My management goal is to set the direction for the rest and measure results against goals. To me, the occurrence of errors and conflicts is a challenge that should be attended to immediately. These errors are supposed to help us learn and change. In the workplace, I like acknowledging every little work that an individual does and credit him or her for the good work done. I also believe that trusting an individual is important but trust has to be built on something. I believe in accountability especially appertaining to results that come as a result of my actions. I believe in giving people the best orientation and training and the skills to help them work as per the




An admission into a university will help me achieve my goals that have apparently been a dream to me. I have always dreamt to be the best manager and I believe that this dream will only come true if I get an admission in a university. In addition to the knowledge and skills that I’ll acquire in the university, I’ll get a chance to develop my management skills further and effectively. How I wish I was given an opportunity to study further in a university.


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